We are at LaaS believe that light travels to you more than just to lit dimness. It creates atmosphere where emotions thrived, curiosity ignited, and creativity illuminated, bringing to your eyes not only a brighter life but also a meaningful one.

Lighting Service
LaaS crafts specialized lighting solutions that suit your needs. Our experienced and utmost-resourceful project management persons will compose, develop, and bring to life your wildest lighting dream. But worry not. We also create personalized solution based on your budget without putting the quality at cost. That’s LaaS promise.

Ever need lighting for your temporary space? We provide lighting rental service for your specific requirements. Be it for monthly or annually basis, our fittings can always fit your time table.
LaaS lighting rental packages are ranging from energy saving system to mood-influencing one. Just let us know your needs and we ensure that you will not need to be in middle of the instalment hustle bustle. Sit back and let us do it for you.

LaaS believes that even the brightest idea needs the right tools to materialize. Hence, we provide you with vast choices of lighting products to ensure that you will always have all the options even for your wildest imagination. Browse our collection of indoor and outdoor gears, lighting products for commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential purposes here [link].
We also proudly announce Indonesia’s first ever lighting products marketplace (and it’s ours!) in which you can get yourself connected with hundreds of LaaS suppliers. All is easier and more convenient on our product hub platform as it makes available all information and comparisons you need to decide your lighting concept’s best suitors. Visit the hub here [link]


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