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Lighting as a Service

Do not hesitate to contact if you have
some project in mind. We will insight some lights & unicorns there.

Since 2011, LaaS has been known for providing comprehensive lighting service with understanding to our clients’ various projects. Our expertise covers lighting solution provision for your freshly brewed projects and lighting upgrade through renovation and maintenance of your existing ones. We listen to and stay focus on your needs even within particular spatial architecture while sharing with you our valuable knowledge and experience.

Our crafted service is supported by the widest range of lighting products in Indonesia for your choice or for us to choose for you. You decide. What shines as the result is lights that suit your office’s professional spaces, factories, shops, even sports and common areas, lights that are more than just a tool but also a service. Because we believe that all is possible under the right light.


Alto Lighting


Xelo Lighting


Traxon Lighting


Signcomplex Lighting




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